First let me say that I am a mom. So I. Get. It. I understand that as a mom you will more than likely be the one coordinating the clothes, bribing the kids, dusting the lent off of your husbands shirt and maybe even staring your child down. I have been there. So please hear me that say that nothing phases me. I am laid back and take things in stride so I want this experience to be painless for your husband, stress-free for you, and semi-fun for your kids. As fun as can be!


Contact me and let's schedule your date! From here we will talk through time of day, location and clothing. I will get a feel for your family and you can ask me any questions in regards to your session whether it be newborn, children, family, senior or wedding. Payment is due day of appointment. Most of my clients will text me images of their outfit choices so I can help them pull it altogether.


The session will roughly be one hour (with the exception of newborns that will be between 2-3 hours to allow time for snuggles and feeding). I say roughly because sometimes older kids may not take as much time to perfect the pose we need and could be done in less than an hour, whereas younger kids may need the full time or a little more for me to make every animal noise possible. Just being honest here.


My process consists of time to curate through the several hundred images we would have taken during our session, then time to edit the best images. I love to keep a variety of posed and candid moments of your family. It roughly takes me two weeks to edit the images.  I will share a sneak peak or two so you have something to daydream about and remind you that this whole "family picture thing" was worth it.